Why I like electronic cigarettes so much

I have to admit that I became aware of these types of cigarettes only recently. I don’t know how I managed to stay so oblivious because I know now just how much people are talking about them and how many people are already using them. I guess that I didn’t pay enough attention.

It all happened one day when I saw a man in a restaurant smoking. I was quite surprised and had no idea why the staff didn’t say anything to him. There was an obvious sign which said that smoking was not allowed. When I saw that the cigarette he had in his mouth had a blue light, I knew that this was no ordinary tobacco cigarette. I quickly became aware of the fact that this was something else, something new.

When I arrived home, I went online and found out that the man was smoking an e-cigarette and once I found out more about them, I became extremely interested. While I was watching the man in the restaurant, I noticed that he was enjoying his cigarette so much and now that I knew that these cigarettes were harmful and safe, I was ready to try them out.

I found the blue light on the tip of his cigarette extremely amusing and like a little boy, I wanted to have the same thing. Besides, it seemed like a perfect thing to amuse yourself and to have something to do with your fingers. Not long after that, I ordered the product and as soon as it arrived, I gave it a try.

I ordered the ones without nicotine and I chose vanilla flavor, which turned out to be the right choice. I’m not saying that I will stick to this flavor for a long time because I probably won’t (I’m ready to try some other flavors), I’m simply pointing out that vanilla is usually a safe choice and one you cannot go wrong with. But this is just my opinion.

All in all, I enjoy my e-cigarettes so much and of course, I chose the ones with a blue light, just like the one the man in the restaurant had. I feel great because I know that I’m not doing anything bad for my health and I simply enjoy the fact that I can use this amazing thing anywhere I want.