What are electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, which is also one of the names that are often used, are electronic devices that usually look like real tobacco cigarettes. Of course, they can come in other shapes and colors as well – they can look like pencils, however, most people prefer something that looks like the real thing. This is the main reason why white e-cigarettes with a red tip that glows are the most popular ones.

The first e-cigarette was made in China in 2003 and although it took manufacturers some time to put these products on the market, it didn’t take a long time for people to become extremely interested in them. As a result, there is a growing population that is now more than enthusiastic about getting and using these products. Of course, with the help of the Internet, the interest in these products is increasing very rapidly.

Although e-cigarettes emit vaporized nicotine that is inhaled, they can emit nicotine-free vaporized solutions as well. The important thing about them and one that people are happy to learn is that they do not contain toxic chemicals that can be potentially harmful to your health. Of course, they will not do anything to improve your health, but they won’t do anything to harm it either, which is probably one of the main things that people want to know about them.

It is important to note that they work on batteries and that although no smoke is produced while inhaling, almost all users claim that the sensation is the same. When it comes to the different types that are currently available on the market, there are those which can be used over and over again because they have cartridges which can be replaced or refilled and there are those which should be thrown away after they are used. Although people seem to like both types, those with cartridges are probably a bit more popular than disposable ones.

When e-cigarettes with cartridges are in question, many people want to know what those cartridges contain. They all contain solutions which are sometimes called e-liquid or even e-juice and they can contain hundreds of different flavors with or without nicotine, it all depends on the users’ preferences.

The majority of e-cigarettes are automatic, which means that there are sensors that activate a heating element which is used to vaporize a (usually flavored) liquid solution. As it was already pointed out, people can choose between solutions that have nicotine in them and those that do not. Earlier models used to come with a button that was used to activate the heating element, but current models activate automatically, which is convenient and more practical.

Typically, all e-cigarettes consist of just a couple of components. The first one is the mouthpiece, which is actually the cartridge, which can be refilled or simply replaced with another one, depending on the type. Another component is the atomizer which is actually the heating element that is used to vaporize the liquid solution so that it can be inhaled. These have to be replaced as well, but only after 5 months or so. And finally, there is the battery which makes it all happen and sensors that are used to activate the process automatically. In case there are no sensors, there is a button that should be used to trigger the process.

All in all, when you learn more about e-cigarettes, you come to realize that there is nothing harmful about them. They are extremely user-friendly and they are more than capable of offering the sensation that people are looking for when they buy them.