The history of electronic cigarettes

Although the history of electronic cigarettes is certainly not a long one, this does not mean that it isn’t interesting. If you don’t really like reading about the history of things and you want nothing to do with it, you can easily stop reading this article, however, you may be interested in learning just how quickly these products became so trendy and ultra popular.

It all began in China in 2003, when a man named Hon Lik made the first e-cigarette. It is said that he was inspired by a dream he had, in which he saw the need for creating such a product and he saw a way to make it all happen. And in 2004, he made it happen and this was the year when this type of cigarette appeared on the open market. And it wasn’t long until people realized just how much they could potentially enjoy using these products.

The export of the products started in 2005 and only two years after, Lik got a patent for his amazing invention. During the following years, the revolution began and a lot of people became interested in not only learning more about the products, but they were actually extremely interested in trying them out.

In the USA, e-cigarettes were mostly marketed in shopping malls, but as more and more people showed quite an interested in them, the Internet soon became the place where the information about these products could be found. The more they were used, the more reviews started appearing and as a result, there are now not only a lot of different products available, but there are reviews for each and every product sold.

Of course, there were many people that objected and didn’t really welcome the appearance of this kind of product, but despite that it seems that the support is growing by the day. More and more people are turning to e-cigarettes because they are safe and above all, they are legal and can be used in restaurants and other places where smoking is usually banned.

For the time being, it cannot really be predicted how things will progress, but if we were to judge by just how much people are satisfied with e-cigarettes, we would have to say that they have a bright future. Everybody who has tried them seems to like them, which means that they will probably stick around for quite some time.