How electronic cigarettes work

Electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular, probably because there are many benefits that they can offer and that people want to take advantage of. The best thing about them is that they are pretty safe because they do not have dangerous chemicals that are supposed to be inhaled. But many people still don’t quite understand how these little things works.

The first thing to know is that they work on batteries. You don’t need a lighter or matches. You simply turn on a little button. This activates the process of turning the liquid solution in them into vapor that is supposed to be inhaled. Or, in case we are talking about the latest versions of e-cigarettes, there is no button, but the process activates automatically because there are sensors that are able to tell when a person wants to smoke – they activate when users take a drag. The batteries are compact and usually powerful and they are also equipped with some additional things that are responsible for making your cigarette look more like the real thing. Namely, they make sure that the products have that red glowing tip.

The cartridge is the thing that contains the solution. These are available in all sorts of flavors (cherry, tobacco vanilla and menthol are just some of them). It is also important to point out that not all cartridges have nicotine in them. Apart from the flavor, the solutions in the cartridges also differ with respect to the level of nicotine in them. People can choose between those with zero nicotine, low doses, medium and high doses of nicotine. The solution is mainly made of water and propylene glycol, a substance that is considered to be safe because it is used in medicine, food, toothpastes and cosmetics. In fact, the substance is on the FDA`s GRAS list, which is the list of substances that are considered to be safe.

And finally, there is a heating element which helps turn the liquid solution into vapor that resembles smoke. In case you didn’t know, this kind of mechanism is also used in nightclubs and theatres whenever special effects are needed. The heating element is activated either by pressing the little button or by taking a drag which will automatically start the process.

As you can see, e-cigarettes are very carefully and cleverly designed to look like a real cigarette. Although most of them actually look like cigarettes (they have the same shape, form and colors), there are others which look like pencils and come in all sorts of different colors. Of course, it is up to people what they will choose, but it seems that a more traditional look is trendier. The mechanism is very simple and it enables its users to smoke whenever and wherever.