Different styles of e-cigarettes

If you have decided to buy electronic cigarettes, then you may want to know that when it comes to the way they look, there are different types that you can choose from and before you actually decide which one you will go with, it is probably a good idea to get acquainted with the main styles so that you can choose the one that you like best.

Generally, there are 4 basic types of style which can be grouped into mini cigarettes, pipes, pen-style and cigars. Pen style e-cigarettes are called that way because they look like pens. Their color, size and shape are the same and the only difference is that e-cigarettes do not have a pocket clip. They are popular, especially because they come in a variety of colors that people can choose from. This way, the device is not just used for smoking, but it can be a fashion statement as well.

As for electronic cigars, although they are usually the choice of businessman, they are not the only ones who buy them. The good thing about them is that they come in a variety of sizes, just like real cigars. Some of them even contain paper wrappings so that they look and feel more real.

Pipe style e-cigarettes look exactly like pipes and almost all the components are located in the mouthpiece. These are probably the least popular for now, but people who use them are extremely enthusiastic about them and they wouldn’t choose anything else.

Mini e-cigarettes are the ones that are extremely similar to real cigarettes – they have the same color, shape and size. They are usually white, but nowadays, there are different colors to choose from; they have a red glowing tip and they even have a part that looks like a real filter tip. Some statistics show that these are currently the most fashionable ones, but this does not mean that other types will not become equally or even more popular.

Another interesting fact about all of these types is that a lighted tip used for stimulating the glow when a drag is taken can come in different colors and not just red or orange. Many people prefer colors like green and blue because this helps them let other people know that they are smoking electronic cigarettes.

When it comes to which style is the best one, keep in mind that you are the only one who can give a proper answer to this question. In other words, users are the ones that should decide which style suits them best.